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My name is Laurie. I'm 34 and I live in a suburb of Houston, TX. My life isn't super exciting or ultra dramatic, but I love it! My blogs are just a peek into my life as I know it. I'm quite random and have an opinion on everything, but I love everyone's aspect on things, even if I disagree. The world would be quite boring if not! :-)


I'll Start on Monday...

How many times have you heard that before?

Yesterday was a BAD day for me food wise. I made one bad decision after another, and today I'm paying for it by feeling sluggish (more than usual!) and I just feel like my skin is disgusting.. I don't know whether that's mental or actually physical, but I hate this feeling!

In the past, if I f'd up, I'd start back up on Monday. Monday is the start of a new week, so I see the "logic". No more though.. If you allow yourself to make a mistake, don't wait to remedy the situation. We've spent our whole life starting back up on Monday, and if you want new results this time, you can't keep doing the same thing. In the past I would also let myself feel overly guilty for going off of my plan. I'd wallow in guilt, which would make me continue to be terrible in my decisions. Who does that help? NO ONE! I think it's important to remember that the only person you are hurting is yourself. No one else will feel the effects of the donut you just ate, or the the hamburger you just consumed.

So yes, I had a bad day yesterday. Today, however, will be a great day. I will say NO! to the crippling 312 pound devil that's on my shoulders all of the time.


Cindy said...

All days can't be perfect!! Or you can't be either!! You know that it is ok to have a bad eating day once in awhile!!

Falon said...

Yeah, what is it about Mondays!??! They hold no mystic power that I am aware of, but I used to do the same thing. Way to turn it around though- yesterday was bad and today won't be. Go Laurie!

Jil said...

I am proud of you...as usual :)

The first step in changing your life is changing your thinking...so way to go...

I love ya...Jil

SeaShore said...

That's right, you can't hide that donut from your cholesterol levels, blood pressure reading or the scale! Still, it happens, no point in dwelling, just move on.

PS - Love the costume!