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Thursday 13: Eye Candy

Happy Thursday, everyone! :)
This Thursday 13 Edition is devoted to Eye Candy! We're all allowed to look at the menu, as long as we don't order off of it, right? HA!

1. My Boyfriend, John.. yeah, this is totally cheating, but I can't help it! I think he's a hottie! :) Yeah, he doesn't smile in pictures (even as a kid he didn't) but he smiles in the real world and has a great one!

2) Gerard Butler - He was great in 300, and I even loved him in that movie with Katherine Heigl even though I can't remember the name of it... good actor, and easy on the eyes!

3) Michael Symon - He's an Iron Chef and a hottie! What's not to like?

4) Hugh Jackman - Yeah, I seem to have a thing for action movie stars or bald guys.. what's up with that? LOL

5) Carter Oosterhouse - He was a carpenter on Trading Spaces and now I think he has his own show... A handy guy that's easy on the eyeballs!

6) Sam Worthington - I first saw him in the latest Terminator movie, then saw him in Avatar.. he's a good actor!

7) Channing Tatum - He's been in some good movies too!

8) Robert Pattinson - Yeah, I hesitated with this one, but I can't help it! I'm totally on Team Edward!! haha! I hope I don't lose any blog readers with this one.. :-)

9) Pierce Brosnan - I know he's a little out of my age range, but he has aged beautifully, and I think he's gorgeous! My favorite James Bond by far... granted, I hadn't seen many Sean Connery ones, but still!

10) Colin Firth - Ok, I guess Pierce got me thinking of Mamma Mia! So, I had to add Colin Firth.. he's adorably dorky.. I love it!

11) Justin Long - Another one that I think is adorable in a cute, dorky kinda way! :)

12) Bradley Cooper - He's almost too pretty for me, but I couldn't resist!

13) Saved the best for last (except the boyfriend, of course!) - John Krasinksi - I love his role on the Office, and I think he's absolutely adorable!

So, do I have strange taste? LOL! Anyone I miss that should be a must have on here? I'm sure I forgot quite a few, but I only have space for 13! :)
Happy Thursday to you all! :)

Thursday 13


Kim said...

I think the only two I agree on are your boyfriend and Hugh Jackman! The guy who plays Morgan on Criminal Minds...yum! Johnny Depp....delicious. But you still have a very pleasant list to look at!

Janet said...

Johnny Depp, for sure. Karl Urban, Viggo Mortenson, Josh Holloway...I could go on :-)

Heather said...

I LOVE it! You have good taste. I like the dorky/adorable/funny guys too. I wonder if I could come up with 13. I can say that I think I realized that I have a strange sense of attraction too. I just told my sister the other day that I have a crush on Ricky Gervais - seriously? It's the funny boys that win me over! :-)

Brenda ND said...

I like that you included your boyfriend. That's great and it's so cool you were able to change your life, eating and image. You look great.

christine said...


But I love many of the hotties on your list. Colin Firth? Carter O? Pierce Brosnan? Oh yes....serve me up some of them!

Tricia said...


colleen said...

I just don't think Gerard Butler is all that. I think your boyfriend is cuter.

I would say Jeff Bridges, Brad Pitt to start with.

Bandita Senorita said...

We have similar taste. Super cuties (but it's our secret--can't tell the man :) ).

Bringing Pretty Back said...

I say John is the best! ( :
My hubby should be on there, haha!
Have a pretty night,

Laurie said...

I'm totally team Edward, too. Can't wait for the new movie. I love me some JOsh Holloway, Janet! Ooh. I love me some eye candy. Good times!

KrysTros said...

Sam Worthington all the way! And just where is Mr. Christian Bale? He is so freaking hot!

Chrissy said...

great pics although I would have to add Wentworth Miller to that list.. Ohh and Jason Varitek!