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Thursday 13: Guilty Pleasures TV Edition

Happy Thursday to you all!!!   Wow, these weeks sure are passing by fast.   I can't believe the year is halfway over already.  It's been rainy for the past few days here in Texas so at least it hasn't been as hot as it usually is.  I'm still counting the days down to my vacation.  I can not wait!!!!   I have only used 4 hours of vacation time so far this year, so I'm long overdue for a little time off.

Anyway - here is my Thursday 13 for the week. Last week I gave you 13 guilty pleasure movies that I love to watch.. and here I am with the TV shows!    I'm not a HUGE TV watcher, but there are several shows that I DVR on a regular basis, and some of these shows aren't even in the weekly rotation anymore, but I love them.

  1. Glee - This show is highly addicting for me.  The entire cast is lovable, and I instantly feel my spirit lifted after watching it.   It's not for everyone, but it is certainly for me! 
  2. The Vampire Diaries - Another show that I love.   It's based on the books, which I haven't read yet. I got them at the half price bookstore though, and they're in my long line of summer reading.   
  3. Parenthood - This is a new show this season, and I really enjoy it.  I'm only a few episodes into it, but I have them all DVR'd and am catching up!
  4. Chopped (Food Network) - This is a fun little show where 4 chefs compete making 3 dishes using secret ingredients.. after each round, a chef gets CHOPPED!   The ingredients are usually quite whacky, and I don't know how they come up with what they do!
  5. The Next Food Network Star - Yeah, I have been watching Food Network a lot lately, since I'm trying to improve my cooking skills (and creativity) in the kitchen.   I started watching this show this season, and I'm already hooked!
  6. Big Brother - OMG, I LOVE THIS SHOW!   This is the definition of a guilty pleasure for me.   It's trashy reality TV at it's finest! :)  I can't wait for it to start up next month!   
  7. So You Think You Can Dance - This is my favorite of the singing/dancing type shows.   I love the numbers that they come up with, yet at the same time it depresses me because I have two left feet.  Two very awkward left feet.  :-(
  8. My So Called Life - Very defunct, but I LOVED this show when it was on..  It was fantastic!
  9. Gossip Girl - I'm quite behind on this show, but I really liked it when I was able to watch it on a regular basis.  I need to get the DVDs from Netflix so I can watch them.
  10. Entourage - This show follows an up and coming movie star with his "entourage".. It's very funny!
  11. Felicity - Now defunct, I followed Felicity since she followed Ben to NYC, all the way to the end..   I loved it!
  12. Dawson's Creek - I was a late watcher of this, but I started over from the beginning, and fell in love with it!
  13. The OC - Wow, so I love teeny boppers and reality TV! hahah    The OC is another teeny bopper show, but I really loved the cast.   I think everyone needs somebody like Seth in their life! :)
There you have it - my super high quality TV shows!   I do like shows like CSI and Criminal Minds, but those don't qualify as a guilty pleasure to me.   
What are some of your guilty pleasure shows?   

Happy Thursday to you all!!!


freckleonthenose said...

You've only taken 4 hours of vacation time this year? That is really impressive and you definitely deserve a vacation!

Love love LOVE Glee as well, it's fantastic. My guilty pleasure is reality TV - including the Real Housewives series. :)

Heather said...

You DO deserve a vacation and you get it very, very soon! Let's hope it doesn't go by as fast as this year has!

Oh, TV? I don't do much either but I've just found two new (to me) shows that crack me up. One is Last Comic Standing. I had never seen it before this past weekend. I thought it was pretty fun. The other is a series on Starz called Party Down. The first episode I saw was strange, but there were some big name actors in it so I thought it had to get better. Sure enough, it did - or I just started to "get" the humor. Now, I think it's hysterical. Strange, but hysterical.

Thanks for starting my day off with a smile! :-)

Tricia said...

Jordan Catelano!

Chris H said...

3/4'rs of those shows we don't even get here!
My guilty secret ones would be:
The Kardashians (stupid family)
Kendra (she's cute but an idiot)

ha ha ha

*Tracy* said...

i like alot of the shows you do like chopped and food network star, also love hells kitchen! my fav fav i gotta watch is housewifes of nj lol

Dania said...

I loved Felicity. So many cuties on that show, plus the idea of attending college in NYC was always appealing to me. I lived vicariously through Keri Russell ;-)

Great list! Stop by and check out the 13 people I actually like.

cookingmom said...

Glee and Parenthood are my family's two favorite new TV shows! Nothing to feel guilty about. :-)

Rachel said...

I remember Felicity!! Ben was so hot!!

Have a great weekend!


Bringing Pretty Back said...

I have been loving Drop Dead Diva lately! This is such a fun post!!

jehara said...

LOVE My So-Called Life!! That was such a great show. It ended way too early. My guilty pleasures are ANTM and Real Housewives franchise and 90210. I like the teeny bopper shows too. :)

Janet said...

Supernatural would have to be mine :-) Sam & Dean...oooh la la!