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Thursday 13 - Places I Love

I'm back! I work in accounting, so at the beginning of every month, I have to get all of my stuff done within 2 days that we normally have all week for... And, with the holiday this week, we had even more of a crunch time! I have a HUGE amount of reading to do to catch up with everyone, so hopefully I can caught up with everyone's lives by Monday or so! Wahoo!!

This week's Thursday 13 is back to shopping... because I love it, and don't get to do it much, so I only dream of it! Here are 13 stores that I absolutely LOVE!
  1. Target - What's not to like? They have a little bit of everything, I love their housewares and their clothing.. and they're not super expensive!
  2. Amazon.com - yeah, it's a virtual store, but I'm in love with it.. you can find anything on there!
  3. Best Buy - This store rocks! I actually worked there for several years starting when I was a senior in high school.. I would still work there if they could pay me more! HA!
  4. TJ Maxx - Since I'm still in my transitional phase of weight loss and not knowing what my true weight will end up being, I HATE HATE HATE to pay full price for clothes that I may not be in very long. TJ Maxx helps me get some trendy clothes at reduced prices.. not to mention purses, sunglasses, belts, and housewares!
  5. Ross - For the same reasons as TJ Maxx
  6. HEB - This is my favorite grocery store in the world... I love it here.. I am not one who likes to grocery shop, but this makes it so much easier!
  7. Phoenicia - Another grocery store, but this is a specialty store - Mediterranean style!
  8. 99 Ranch - yeah, another grocery store, this is an Asian specialty store! Lots of great deals!
  9. Canino's Farmer's Market - For me to not like grocery shopping - I sure have a lot of food places on here! HAHA! This is the best farmers market I have been to - lots of great produce, with great prices... I can break my back carrying my goodies that I've picked up, and it doesn't break my wallet... Last time I went, I spent about $15 - 2 avocados, 2 lbs of Bing cherries, kale, onions, cucumber, radishes, and some jicama! Delish!
  10. Costco - I absolutely love Costco.. where else can you get jeans, a hot tub, a turkey and a television in one spot? No, I haven't done that, but still! :)
  11. Kohl's - I find some great discounts here, and they always have an awesome coupon.. usually 30% off! I've never gone there to buy something without it already on sale.. plus, there is not a giant list of items that you can't use the coupon on.. EVERYTHING is included! More places should be like that.. are you listening, Macy's? :)
  12. H&M - A GREAT store that I absolutely love... but there are none around me. When John and I go to Florida this summer, I am going there to get some clothes.. They have very inexpensive prices, but very cute clothes.. and good quality!
  13. eBay - yeah, yeah... who doesn't love eBay? It's harder to find great deals than it used to be, but I still get lucky every now and again!
There ya have it... the reasons why I stay home and do nothing.. because these places like to take all of my money! HA!


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Rachel said...

We like so many of the same places!! I **heart** Kohl's! Just went there Monday. I miss H.E.B.! When I moved to Dallas, they had no clue what I was talking about when I asked where the H.E.B. was! My parents actually knew "HEB"'s family (they are from San Antonio). I think my aunt dated his son!! ;)

Great list!!


Irishcoda said...

I'm with you on many of these. There are a couple I've never heard of though, like HEB

JewliaGoulia said...

Target and Kohl's are awesome but I totally agree about TJ Maxx - I just feel less guilty when I buy from there. :)

I haven't been able to fit in clothes at H&M but I should go see if I can now (at least shirts!)

kim said...

I do love Amazon, Target and eBay. I would love Kohls more if they believed in regular sleeves as opposed to capped sleeves. My bat wings do not need to be seen!

Self Sagacity said...

My kind of shopping too! Great list, some I don't know and not sure if we have it in Cali.

Tricia said...

I love Target because of the CLEARANCE! WOO! And sadly, no HEBs here in Vegas. SUCKS!

Jia said...

Amazon is my no-holds-barred favorite place to shop.

Bunny said...

ya I love ebay. I agree though it really is getting harder to find bargains. I live in the UK so thats interesting that you have the same issue.

anyway, cool 13!


Chrissy said...

LOVE your list!!

I'm new here.. been reading your blog for a few weeks and just finally started my own.


Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!

Divaa Divine said...

ooohh some are places i love too! esp Kohl :D

Mush 13

Sheila said...

Hi there! Found your blog through another blog. I decided to go blog surfing this evening :). Anyway, I noticed you live in Houston! My husband and i just moved to Baytown (about 30 min. away from Houston) a month ago. I've been looking for a farmer's market in the Houston area and haven't found one until I came across your blog! I'll definitely check on Canino's FM. I'm really glad I found your blog! Stay healthy, active, and happy! :)