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Back to the Grind

Happy Monday to you all! I hope the weekend was fabulous for you. I had a great time!
On Friday, I had a half day at work, so I left at 11 am, and dawdled around a bit. I headed over to John's around 2:30 or so, and we had a late lunch... vietnamese food, delish! Then we went to visit Michelle, one of my dear friends who is also a RNY patient. She had an outpatient surgery on Friday, so we wanted to check up on her. She was fairly alert, or at least I thought so! On Sunday when I talked to her, she said that she heard I came over... but she talked to me the whole time. hahaha
Saturday, John and I went to his cousin's house for a BBQ. One of his cousins is going to Afghanistan, so his family had a get together. It was really nice to meet more of his family. :) Then, we headed out to Austin for Spamalot. Wow, it was soooo freakin funny! I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it was worth the 2.5 hour drive! :-) Next time we may make a weekend of the Austin thing, but this time around we just had too much going on.
Sunday was a lazy day. I had a bit of a headache most of the day and didn't feel like doing much of anything except lounging around. It was nice being lazy though. I don't let myself do that too often!
This week, I have another half day on Friday, so i'm trying to get my extra 4 hours in today and Wednesday. I have to leave early on Tuesday to take my mom to the doctor, and I want to be done with the extra time early this week so I'm not busting my butt later in the week.

I weighed on John's scale yesterday and I was at 154.4. Woo hoo! If I make it to the 140s, I will just freak! I'm fine where I'm at now, but you all know how obsessive I am! hahah

Well, I need to get back to work and catch up on my blog reading! :)

Hugs to you all! I'll be writing again soon... I'm actually making this a habit! haha


Kim H. said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend! I'm glad you enjoyed the show, and had time to lounge...I love weekends like that!

Heather said...

Happy Monday!

Just for the record, I love your new blogging habit! It's great to hear that many wonderful things that are happening. Now you've got me wanting to find out when "Spamalot" is coming to a theater near me!

Thanks for the update! Have a wonderful day!

Donna said...

You know if you come out this way to the Runner's Link, you'll have to let me know... maybe we can catch up chat!

Janine said...

Okay _ I need to know more about Spamlot....sounds like a blast!!!!

Felicia said...

You are doing an amazing job!! If you make it to the 140's I will freak for you! LOL I would freak if I saw the 150's at this point lol.

Hope you have simply a WONDERFUL week!


Juliet said...

HI , Just wanted to shout out to ya since you been reading my blog. Keep up the healthy eating you will get to 140s soon(thats my goal too ) Juliet