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Weekend Update

Yeah, yeah, I know I'm cheesy! hehe

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Mine was great! Friday night, John and I went to dinner with Michelle and our other friends, Luke and Amber. We had Mexican food at a great little place called Los Cucos. I ordered soft tacos, and had one. But, I had to go screw it up and have a margarita too! I have to confess, I enjoy having a drink every now and again. I always stop myself at one, so I am not worried about that being a "transfer addiction". But wow, I get so uber silly when I have a cocktail! I don't know where I was going with this, but Oh well! haha Anyway, afterwards we went to go see the new Nicolas Cage Movie, Knowing. It was actually really good. We didn't get back to John's until 1 am, and then woke up bright and early for Saturday!

Saturday is our bike riding day. Michelle's boyfriend David went in Michelle's absense (tailbone surgery has her out from riding for another week or two), and Luke and Amber met us at Terry Hershey Park. The boys went their way and Amber and I rode about 8 miles again. I can't wait until I feel really comfortable on a bike. I'm wondering when that is ever going to happen! It seemed this time was harder than the first for some reason. I kept at a speed between 7-10 mph, but really feel like I should be going faster. Am I pushing myself too hard? After the ride, we were standing around drinking our water and loading up bikes, and I started to get really light headed. UGH! I'm not sure if I didn't drink enough water, didn't have enough for breakfast, or what.. but I hate that feeling.

Saturday evening David, Michelle, John and I went to an Aeros game. We won 2-1, and are solid in 2nd place now! If you haven't been to an Aeros game and live in the Houston area, you should! It's good, cheap fun! :) I can give you my ticket guy's information if you like.. he's great, and will get you good seats and likely a discount! :)

Sunday was a lazy day.. I like lazy days.. I read some of the Harry Potter book (I'm on book 4 now), played some WoW with John and Michelle, caught up on The Office (LOVE THAT SHOW!), and just lounged around a bunch. It was nice.

Hope all is well with everyone. I am working on catching up on my blog reading. :)



Donna said...

One of the best ways to increase your distance is to add 20% to the last distance you did. So, if you were able to do 10 miles, do 12 the next.

Getting comfortable on the bike takes some time. If in a month of routine riding you are not feeling more comfortable, then your bike might need more adjusting; just a tweak here and there can really make a difference.

That said, my back was pretty tired after yesterday's 40 mile ride. Between yesterday and Saturday, my core and back were tired from having to constantly support my frame.

Heather said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend! Sad that we have to go from fabulous weekends to working Mondays. Hmph!

I'm a hockey fan too! I can't say I've ever watched the Aeros, but hockey is hockey!!!!

It also sounds like you've turned into one bad biker! You'll be riding 20 - 30 - even 40 miles before you know it!!! I can't wait to congratulate you!

I hope you're in for a fabulous week!

Tully said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. Definitely nothing wrong with a maragrita every now and again!!! :-)

8 miles seems like quite a distance to me, you must feel somewhat comfortable to be able to get that far. Trust me, I wouldn;t even be able to get down my driveway at the moment! You're doing great!!!

Kim H. said...

Maybe the combination of the margarita and not enough water was the culprit for the light headedness... I've always heard drinking dehydrates you - so it's just a thought. :-)

I'm glad you had a great weekend though - and don't worry too much about the bike distance - push yourself a little harder each time and you'll get there!