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Insurance is CRAZY!

So, being the freak I am, I decided to look at the medical claims on my insurance site again. Well, the hospital one came in, and it's making the surgeon one look like chump change. The member responsibility on the hospital bill is $33,400+. WHAT THE HECK!? What are they filling out wrong for them to be denied? I just don't get it. I even got a letter in the mail that the hospital bill was covered. This is freakin ridiculous. If all this goes through the chain and I end up being responsible for all of this nonsense, I will NOT pay it. That's what insurance is for, and they make doctors and hospitals write off gargantuan amounts, and there is no way in hell I will pay the full amount due.. SO THERE!

Anyways, I can see that I will have lots of phone calls to be making in the near future. Lovely! Have I ever mentioned that I hate dealing with doctors and hospitals? Well, let me tell you... I HATE IT!

Anyway, last night for sushi happy hour was nice. I was strong and did not have a happy hour cocktail. :) I'm very proud of myself! After happy hour, I went to Memorial City Mall to Macys. I got 2 $50 gift cards for Christmas, and I still have one that I haven't used. I have been three times and I just can't find anything that yells out to me that I just have to have! Which, if you know me very well, is absolute CRAZINESS! I usually find wayyyy more things than I could possibly want, need, or afford. Maybe I really am reforming myself financially and finally growing up. Even though something is basically "free" for me, ie. gift card, I can't justify spending $30 on a T-shirt... or $90 on shoes. Wow, who am I? LOL

I may end up using it at the Estee Lauder counter or Clinique counter since I'm not finding any clothes. My bank has a rewards program when you use your debit card as a credit card at differnt places, and I just earned enough points for a TJ Maxx $50 gift card. I know I'll have no problem using that card! LOL I love that place! :)

I may blog again later, but I'm having a really busy day today, and I've griped enough for now! hehe

Hugs to you all! :)


Liza said...

That totally stinks about the insurance! I say some retail therapy is definitely in order :) If you can't find anything to use the gift cards for, send them my way, I would be happy to take them off your hands :)

Jil said...

The hospital stuff will sort out...you will be fine...and as someone who does know you personally, I am so proud of your reformation!

Love ya my little wooden spoon...Jil

Kim H. said...

Hey Girl, remember that doctors and hospitals WAY overbill the insurance so that they can get as much as they possibly can. Once the insurance sorts out what is an allowable charge - the amount is very different.

I know it's frustrating, but hang in there - and it will work out. It's all a big crazy mess - but it flushes out in the end.

Conrats on your retail reform... I'm proud of you too!

Kim said...

I was supposed to have a sushi lunch date for tomorrow but my friend had to back out till next week. How 'bout you fly to Maryland tonight and join me for lunch at 12:15 at the House of Kobe? ;)

Anonymous said...

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Liza said...

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog (tried to email you but I couldn't find one). I am so touched by how welcoming and friendly the "WLS Blogging community" is! Looking forward to keeping up with each other!