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I cheated!

Yeah, I did it.. I cheated and went to the gym. I'm not far from a month out, and I had a really bad afternoon yesterday, so I figured that'd be a good way to get my frustrations out. I didn't do anything besides cardio, and I only did 20 minutes, which I was mad at myself for, but I promised myself I was just going to get a mini workout in since I wasn't even supposed to go to the gym. lol

I keep looking on my help insurance website to see what my bills are going to look like, and yesterday I saw that my surgeon's bill came through. I FREAKED when I saw it. The amount I owe provider is $6,212.07. WTF!? When I saw yesterday, I immediately called the insurance company, but they were closed for business. I'm one who cries when mad, stressed, freaked out, etc... so yesterday I was just crying away on the drive home from work.. Ugh! I still have no answers, but I spoke with someone at the insurance company and they are calling the surgeon's office. So hopefully it is just a case of paperwork filled in incorrectly or something of the sort. If I'm responsible for that crazy amount, I don't know what I'll do. That's just the surgeon's bill, and I still have the hospital one that hasn't showed up yet, as well as the anesthesiologist, etc. I really hate having to deal with doctors, hospitals and insurance companies.. they never make it easy, that's for sure!!

Anyways, that's my stress for yesterday, and ongoing stress until it's figured out.


Donna said...

Take a deep breath. It will all workout one way or another. Seriously, what was the alternative? You couldn't live with what was going on, right? Add to that they can't get water from a stone, so you'll be able to work something out. Keep breathing and DON'T stress.

Heather said...

I'm sure you did fine. I would imagine it would be good for you to keep yourself moving, but just be very careful and take it easy.

I'm so sorry to hear about the doctor's bills. Just take it one step at a time. Let's just pray that there was some sort of mistake and they are off by some additionally astronomical amount? Don't let it ruin your day! Be confident that everything will work out.

I guess you could always tell them that you don't have the money so want your gall bladder back, right?? (yes, I'm kidding)

Kim H. said...

I don't think the little workout would hurt you much, and I'm sure you were careful. And hey - that's a much healthier option for stress relief than the alternative. :-) (Cheese Nips!)

I'm sorry to hear about the doctor situation - it's so hard with hospitals because the whole billing thing is jacked up... and they don't even truly give you a chance to make sure that you're covered by the insurance you pay for monthly! I compeltely get where you are, and I will be praying for a positive solution - that works in your favor.

Jil said...

That sucks honey...maybe after you are able to talk to them it will change but if not you will find a way to work it out...I understand the overwhelming surgical costs invloved and I will still be paying on mine forever but you have to keep perspective on these things. You are healthier because of it which in turn improves the quality of your life...at the end of the day even if you have to pay, it will be worth it...Love ya...Jil

Liza said...

That sounds very frustrating!! Take a deep breath and try to relax. I bet that there is a mix up and it will all get worked out. Even though it was cheating, it sounds like you made a very healthy choice in how to deal with the stress - just don't hurt yourself! Good luck with working out the doctors bills!!

Janine said...

Hmm I am suddenly feelign very lucky to live in New Zealand where the majority of our healthcare is free.

My medical insurance although didn't cover my Gastric bypass does cover all other surgeries and I only have to pay the first $1000. The POlicy costs me $60NZD per month and covers both me and my husband.

Donna said...

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There is a 20 mile distance and these kinds of things are tons of fun! I'm doing the 40 mile with a friend.