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Spring is Almost Here!

Ladies and Gentlemen...
Spring is almost here. It is my favorite season. The weather is beautiful, people seem to be getting out of their grumpy moods, flowers and trees start blooming, and the sunshine stays with us longer.. What's not to love?

The weather in Houston gets unbearably hot during the summer, so our outdoor fun times are usually the fall and the spring. If I'm outside in the summer, it's because I'm in a swimming pool, or en route to somewhere that has air conditioning! LOL This weekend, I hope to go on another bike ride. I really enjoyed my first ride, but then we've gotten some crappy weather since then. I'm ready to start feeling really comfortable on a bike and not fear falling off. I hope that happens soon! lol

While I've been really busy at work, this week is still dragging. I feel so tired that I almost feel a little drunk. I've have a headache since the whole insurance thing came about (no resolution as of yet), and I just can't kick it. Hopefully that will work out quickly so I can get another monkey off my back.

As far as the saving money thing goes in my life, I purchased my 24 hour fitness membership at Costco yesterday for $299 for 2 years. I was paying $31.39 a month, and the $299 works out to $12.50 a month. Net Savings: $454.36! I called yesterday to cancel my membership with them, and I have to pay one more month, as they require 30 days notice. So, I have a membership until May 24, and then I can redeem my certificate that I purchased at Costco. Yeah, it really sucked spending all of that money at once, but honestly, I feel it was a great investment. Not only am I saving a ton of money, it's one less monthly bill that I have to deal with or think about. Huzzah!!

Well, I've been writing this over a period of about 2 hours because it's been pretty busy at work, so I guess I will post for now, and if more comes to me, I'll just blog again! :)
Have a great day!


Kim H. said...

I think the 2 year membership was a great deal! I'd hate spending the money in a big chunk too, but look at what you saved over the longrun! You could put that aside and save it for something else.

On the headache deal - I don't know where in town you work, but if you've got a whole foods anywhere near you... take a trip over there at lunch and get yourself a My*Grastick... I promise it will change your life! Headaches are much quicker to resolution ever since I bought one.

I'm not looking forward to the summer either - but I hope to enjoy a little time before the blistering heat and humidity reach us.

Heather said...

You are amazing when it comes to being 'cost effective'. Can I have lessons? We don't even have a 24-hour fitness anymore so I guess I'm stuck with monthly payments!

Otherwise, it sounds like you're in good spirits. I'm certain that spring will bring you goodness! I love spring too!!!

Happy (soon to be) spring!!!

Liza said...

Totally love that Spring is coming myself! I cannot wait to get out and get some warm air after a very cold and snowy winter in New England!

Janine said...

Wow that is a fantastic deal. I wish I could get a deal like that here.
Spring sounds sonderful in Houston, what kind temperture do you get to? In Summer and Spring? (average)

Stacy said...

Congrats on the great deal at the gym. My family was just able to snag a discount member ship for the whole family for $30 which is about 1/3 or what we used to pay. I am stoked!

Janene said...

Wow that's an awesome deal all right! We don't have deals like that here in NZ, I think around $14 a week for gym membership is about the cheapest I know of (which I guess is about $8 US).

Thanks so much for all the comments you have been leaving on my blog, I really appreciate the support and encouragement. I'm hopeless at leaving comments myself, but am always mindful of it :)