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Sleepiness Maximus!

Wow, I'm tired! I have been waking up at 5 am every day for the past 3 days. My work allows us to take half days on two Fridays of the month - with the stipulation that we work a full 40 hours, so basically four 9 hour days, and one 4 hour day. It never fails that I have a doctor's appointment during these weeks, so I have to leave early one day, and end up having to pull a twelve hour day just to have enough hours to leave early.. SIGH! But, I've made it to work at 6:30 every day this week, and I will have all my time to make my half day. The great thing is that John is off all week, so he'll be able to do something when I get out of work tomorrow. Huzzah! I've gotten to see him every day this week, so I've been getting spoiled rotten! The funny thing is, I got stuck in traffic yesterday on my way to see him (Houston people, I HATE 290!), and within 10 minutes of getting to his apartment, I passed out for an hour. I am not a morning person at all! LOL Thank God tomorrow is Friday! :)

Today I go visit Dr. Weinstein. I presume it's follow up for my hospital stay, as well as to get bloodwork done for my Vitamin D (which is always low - I reflect the sun because I'm so pale, so therefore no Vitamin D gets absorbed!) and Iron, as my hemoglobins were low while in the hospital.

Then on March 24, I go to see the surgeon who did my surgery, Dr. J. I'm considering canceling this appointment, as I am seeing Dr. W today, and I was disappointed to find out that Dr. J is NOT in my network. I'm very terrified to get my bill for his services, unless he bills through the hospital, which is highly unlikely. So please keep my finances in your prayers that he is somehow in my network.. I can't afford the bills that are in network, let alone out! EEEK! What do you all think? If Dr. W gives me a clean bill of health, should I ditch the other appointment? I think it's just going to be a $20 copay to say, you're good to go, no need to come back!

Wow, I've been blogging a lot lately! Hurray! :) I hope I'm not boring you all to tears, because I just ramble on and on and on... and on! LOL

I'll post an update tomorrow with details from Dr. W's appointment. Since I'm sure he's going to look at my stomach to check the incisions anyways, I'm tempted to ask him if my stomach is fat or excess skin. I'm at the point where I don't know how much more I need to lose besides getting to my magical 140s at least for a short instant.

Love to you all! Hope you all have a wonderful, worry free day! :)


Kim H. said...

Not a huge fan of 290 either, but I leave at 4... so it hasn't been too bad the last few days without my carpool partner.

You know - I did the exact same thing with my final RNY follow up - I had to see Dr. Weinstein beforehand for my blood work anyway, and just decided that I'd let him take care of it. He's the only one I trust anyway. (If that helps... tell him I said Hi again!) I'm going to go see him and get this hormone junk sorted out with his advice... because apparently no one else is good enough to ease my mind. All other doctors are measured against him anyway in my mind. :-)

On the vitamin D thing... I found some vitamin D dots that are like the B12 ones I've been taking... I haven't gotten tested since taking them yet, but I think they might be working. He gave me a prescription for a compound pharmacy... but it's so hard to get over there. Let me know if you want some info on where I got them. :-)

Meghan said...

My surgery doc is out of my network too starting April 1st, so I'm getting in ONE last appt with him... well, his nurse practitioner... and then I'll follow up forevermore with my primary doctor. So I feel ya on the out of network thing!

I hope you get some real down time on your Friday off!

Heather said...

Look at you . . . getting half days on Friday! Sure, it's a lot of work getting there, but isn't it worth it??? I hope you plan some fabulous things for your time with John!

If this Dr. W is as wonderful as I'm hearing, why not let him give you the "follow up". It'll be worth in to your pocket-book that your working so hard to make happy! I will definitely keep your finances in my prayers too. I'm constantly praying for mine, so it'll be easy to work yours in too!

Have a very happy day and a hopefully successful appointment! Can't wait for the update!