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I hate it when mechanics assume they can screw you over just because you're a woman.  I'm getting my car looked at before we leave tomorrow, and requested an oil change and an alignment.   Instead, they're wanting me to do about 400000 other things, at a total of $1400!!  Hell, it'd be cheaper to rent a car.    I'm so irked!    I called John to ask him what I should get done, and I'm only getting that taken care of, but now I have to add another errand to my list, which is going to Discount Tire to get new tires... they wanted to charge me almost $400 for new tires... I DO NOT THINK SO!!!    

Anyway, had to rant.... back to cleaning, packing and list writing! 



Donna said...

Sorry girl! I know how frustrating it is; I've been there.

I would try Sam's Club for your tires though. I gave up on Discount tire a long, long LONG time ago.

Same brands, costs less, free rotations and they also have road hazard warranties.

freckleonthenose said...

$1,400! That is ridiculous! Ugh, I'm sorry.

But yay for vacation!

I Said So... said...

That makes me upset too! By the way...love your Thursday 13 lists!

Leah (The Domesticated Wife) said...

Yeah and that's exactly why my husband is in charge of all car-related things. I get so angry at mechanics!!