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Wahoo, Counting Down!

Hello, boys and girls!   It's officially my vacation week, and I'm counting down!    I only have 3 workdays left, this week, so I'm thrilled!   
John bought us our new camera this weekend, so we can scratch that off of my Thursday 13 Shopping List.  Hurray! :)    We played with it a bit this weekend, and I ordered a dummy book that's specific to our camera that will arrive on Thursday.    John suffers with motion sickness, but I can read while he drives, and before you know it, I'll be a pro on that camera.. wahoo!!!  
Last night for the 4th, we had a few friends over.. We grilled some delicious steaks and some chicken, I baked some potatoes, and we chowed down.   I have lots of leftovers, so I think cooking for the rest of the week will not be necessary.. SCORE!    I have a lot to do this week.
I love that I have the day off, but I think doctors should have to work so I can stream down my ever-growing to do list! LOL
I hope you're all having a fantastic Monday!

OH! I have FOUR guest posters who sent me their posts already.. you're going to LOVE them!   I just need 2-3 more!    You can write about ANYTHING you want, as long as it's PG or PG13! LOL

XOXO to you all!


Falon said...

Now if doctors worked today, I'd be at work... boo! Have fun on vacation, you've earned it.

freckleonthenose said...

I'll be a guest poster if you still need one! :)

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! I love when we have lotts of leftovers for easy meals for the week!
I will also be a guest poster ~ I have never done it before so I need instructions!
Have a pretty night!

Heather said...

Yahoo!!! I'm counting down with you! So much to do, so little time, so worth it to be on VACATION!!!

Rachel said...

I can't wait to read all about your vacation when you get back!!