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Thursday 13: Travel Edition

Happy Thursday to you all!   This week's Thursday 13 is a list a stuff that you should never go on vacation without!
  1. Camera - It's important to catch some great moments while on vacation! :)
  2. Reading Material - We're driving.. and I get bored easily. So, I'll be bringing several books and magazines to keep myself awake! 
  3. Ample clothing - I once underpacked when I went to Mexico.  When I went there, I was morbidly obese, and found that they don't sell plus sized clothing in that part of Mexico.... Not fun!  So, I always keep in mind that I need enough clothes with me! haha
  4. A nice outfit - even if you're just going to do casual things, you want at least one nice outfit in case you have a change of plans.
  5. Identification - ID, Passports, etc.  and the numbers to your bank and other financial institutions in case something goes wrong!
  6. Chargers for all of your electronics: Phone, iPod, camera, etc.  It's a pain to not be able to use something just because the battery died!
  7. Seasonally Appropriate Items - Sunglasses, jackets, etc.
  8. Map or GPS - you don't want to get lost!!
  9. Music - there will be lots of dead time with radio stations, so it's ideal to have your iPod, or some CDs made!
  10. Cash - You never know if a place won't take a credit/debit card, so it's always good to have some cash on hand.
  11. Emergency numbers - if you lose your phone, do you know how to reach ANYONE?   I only know a few phone numbers by heart, and I think I'm not alone! It's no longer necessary to memorize phone numbers like it used to be!
  12. Medication, Vitamins, Etc.
  13. Toiletries - A girl has to have her makeup, toothbrush, and other girly stuff!!!
No wonder we get criticized for over packing.. but I've underpacked enough times and end up spending too much money replacing what I need! :)

Happy Thursday to you all!  If you want to participate, just go to Thursday 13!
I will see you all around the 20th - but keep visiting me, as I'll have some awesome guest posters!


Allie1982 said...

Cute post! We're leaving on a mini-vaca tomorrow and I still haven't packed yet! I really should get on that! I always forget something LOL!

Heather said...

You're so right!! I've underpacked several times too. In fact, I think I ALWAYS miss something. Fortunately, I'm getting better at it being only minor things like lip balm or something.

Happy Vacation to you!!!

jillconyers said...

Your T13 looks like my packing list for our vacation a few weeks ago.

Janet said...

I overpack if I'm driving somewhere...if flying, not so much. Weird!

jehara said...

I'm like Janet. I am the master packer for airplane trips, getting everything into my carryon. However, if I am taking a road trip, I suppose I feel that gives me free reign to pack everything that I might need in addition to the absolutes.

Alice Audrey said...

I don't pack that much clothing because I don't want to haul it, but I do pack hand-wash laundry soap.

freckleonthenose said...

Have a great time!! I will email you in the next 2-2.5 hours if that's alright! :)

Sheri said...

I ALWAYS make lists before vacation, and I STILL forget something! :-)

Kim said...

Have a great time and I will be consulting your list when I pack for my trip!

Beyond You said...

Nice post! We have more or less the same on your list. http://www.beyondyou.net/2010/07/13-essentials-for-beautiful-healthy.html