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Thursday 13: Gotta Love Snacks!

Happy Thursday, one and all!  I hope your week is going well. Mine is incredibly busy, but it's flying by!   Wahoo!
Today, I have a guest post over at Kim's blog, Knitten Kittens - please go give her some love while she's on a mission trip! :-)  Speaking of guest posts, I still need a few more for when I go on vacation..  The topic is yours to choose, and hopefully you'll get some blog lovin from some new people!  Email me if you're interested!  laurie9797(at)gmail.com

Today's Thursday 13 is a snack edition - I'm unfortunately a stress eater, so these are my go-to snacks so I don't do too much damage!
  1. Jerky - High protein, and low fat... It's a great snack.  Just watch the sodium!  Good thing is it makes me super thirsty too, so I drink my water!   Have you all heard that there is a caffeinated jerky out there? Have any of you tried it?
  2. Cheese - Who doesn't love cheese?  Another high protein snack, but gotta watch the calories.   The great thing is that a little goes a long way.. it's incredibly filling!
  3. Hard-boiled eggs - Yum!  I love these, and they're the perfect little snack.  
  4. Meatballs - Yeah, a weird snack, but I get some chicken/pineapple meatballs at Costco, and they're delicious.   I usually have 2-3 meatballs for one of my meals/snacks, and it's delish!
  5. Edamame - I love these lil soybeans! Seapoint Farms has a dry roasted edamame, and I love the steamed ones too.   They're very good, filling, and yes, high protein!
  6. Jicama - I love jicama...I sprinkle a little salad dressing on it, and it's a great mini-meal!
  7. Watermelon - Mmmm... I can eat so much of this stuff.  It's unreal!  My favorite fruit by far.
  8. Carnation No Sugar Added Instant Breakfasts - If I need something sweet, this is something that I love.   It's full of protein and vitamins, and tastes pretty good too!
  9. Coffee - technically not a food, but I have a love affair with coffee.  This would actually be #1 on the list.   This week, my favorite is the skinny vanilla latte... next week, who knows! LOL
  10. Tuna Fish/Canned Chicken - Instead of mayo, I mash up avocado and use that as a dressing... it's really good!  Add some celery and hard boiled eggs, and it's a meal!
  11. Pop Chips - this is an empty snack, but I'm human, right? LOL    
  12. Tortilla Pizzas - so many varieties for any taste... delicious! :) 
  13. Bananas - YUM!   I love these things.. :) 
Well, that's it for my Thursday-13!   If you want to join in the fun, head on over to Thursday-13.


Janet said...

I'm snacking on dill flavored cashews right now...YUM!

Alice Audrey said...

Unfortunately, for me cheese is entirely too much of a go-to snack.

My Thursday Thirteen ishere.

Rachel said...

Now I'm ready for lunch after reading about all this food!! :)

Heather said...

Ohhh, I'm a coffee girl too!!!

Interesting about the avocado as a mayo type of thing. I hate mayo but love avocados. I am going to have to try it!!!!!

I am Harriet said...

Some of my favs!

Have a great day!

I Said So... said...

Sounds yummy. Thanks for some ideas I haven't tried.

Anonymous said...

I skipped lunch today...no time. Instead I grabbed some Jack Link's Flamin' Buffalo Chicken Nuggets (soft, chicken meat...like a softer jerky). Love 'em! I also love the oven roasted turkey Nuggets they offer. Delish. They fill me up without filling me out! Plus, I was surprised to learn how high they are in protein...but they are low in calories, fat and carbs. Gotta love that. Keep the fun inspiring comments coming!

jehara said...

Chips and salsa, naan and hummus are my favorite snacks.

Janine said...

Wow - I don't know what 1/2 of these are....we are so isolated down here in New Zealand.

Anonymous said...

I'm ADDICTED to bananas and coffee. Once I got my Keurig, my caffeine intake skyrocketed. :-)

freckleonthenose said...

I love almost all of those! Although I don't think I've ever heard jicama...

*Tracy* said...

thanks for sharing your snacks! iv always wondered what foods certain people can eat after having gastric bypass. have a good 4th

jillconyers said...

One of my favorite snacks is reduced fat string cheese and strawberries. And edamame too :)

Sarai said...

Yayy! I'm actually going to get my sleeve done in September, and I was hoping that edamame was on the good list of foods to be eaten! Thank you!

Hana said...

Is it wrong that I find your idea of a couple of meatballs as a snack amazing? Because I do.