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Made it Through...

Ahh, I made it through my deadline with no casualties!   Excellent, indeed!   I have gotten a little delirious over the past couple of days though.   This morning, I sneezed, and then I said, "Bless You!" to myself.   I seriously thought someone else just sneezed...  Of course, someone else heard it, and we both ended up laughing so hard we couldn't breathe! lol

Tonight I am starting my long list of things to do.   One of those things is to go to sleep at a decent time.  I have a knack for getting sick when I'm about to go on vacation since I fill up my time doing too much crap!   So, I will TRY to thwart that by getting a good night's sleep tonight.

I looked at the weather for Orlando over the next 10 days.  Rain every day! HA!  Go figure! :)    I know that will likely change, either for the better or worse, but I refuse to let that damper my time off.   It'll be great getting to know John's family and I know we'll be able to make it to some of the parks. Wahoo! :)

Tomorrow will likely be my last post until I get back, and then you'll have some great guest posts!  What I've gotten so far is awesome! 

Hope you all are doing well.   I have 419 unread posts in my Google reader... EEK!    It was over 500 this morning.   I can't get to some blogs on the actual sites so I haven't been able to comment!  BOO!    I am sure my work has blocked something... punks!

'til Tomorrow!


I Said So... said...

Enjoy your vacation. Have fun.

Heather said...

Woo hoo!!! You're such a conqueror! I can't wait to hear all of the good vacation stories!

Get yourself to bed early so you can be healthy and enjoy that Florida weather (I've never really been there, but it sounds exciting)!

freckleonthenose said...

I'll respond to your email soon! :)

PS - I gave you an award on my blog!

Chris H said...

I hope it doesn't rain that much for you!
5oo unread posts! Wow.
I have only got 156 today!

The Lady's Lounge said...

Ah, the impending To-Do list. Mine beckons from the dining room table.
"Jen! Do me!"
Have a great vacation.