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My name is Laurie. I'm 34 and I live in a suburb of Houston, TX. My life isn't super exciting or ultra dramatic, but I love it! My blogs are just a peek into my life as I know it. I'm quite random and have an opinion on everything, but I love everyone's aspect on things, even if I disagree. The world would be quite boring if not! :-)


The Dreaded Plateau

I’ve been stuck for about a week and a half.. again.. I’m so ready to get into the teens of the 200s…. it’s a mental thing.. It will be even better to get to the 100’s, but I’m not greedy.. yet! I know everyone goes through plateaus, and they do eventually end.. but I also know how freaking frustrating it is to all who go through them.
Wow, I’m using my blog for venting more than anything! LOL

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