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Guess what time it is? REVIEW TIME! Calcium Citrate

Ok boys and girls… today’s little review will be about our vitamin friend, Calcium Citrate. We know we need it, and they’re generally available as horse pills only. For gastric bypass patients, that’s just not an option. I’ve been on a journey to find the perfect (for me) calcium citrate supplement, and by George, I think I’ve found it! First, though, I will tell you about the ones that did not make the list for me.
First, on the recommendation of my surgeon, were the Citracal Creamy Bites. I got some samples in the hospital, and wow, they were really tasty. They came in chocolate and caramel, and were like eating Valentine’s chocolates. Good news, right? Yes! But, they were hard to find, and now discontinued. I did buy 2 boxes though. The thing is, your tastebuds change with gastric bypass. Once a delicious treat, I eventually had to start choking these things down. The three that we were supposed to take again also added over 100 calories to my daily diet, filled my pouch when I was trying so desperately to get my water in, and were just too sweet after all! Next!
I went to the Vitamin Shoppe to see which supplement would be my next victim… wait, I think I’m the victim here! I found Twinlab’s Citracal Calcium Citrate Chewables. They were the only chewable ones, so I bought them for about $11.00. I should have read better… I had to eat 4 of these in a day - they’re the size of a quarter and 4x the thickness. They were very sweet too, but not nearly as bad as the Citracal chews. I went through 2 of these bottles before deciding that it was time to move on again…. NEXT!!
Lo and behold, I think I have it! My dear friend was placing an order at Bariatric Advantage, so I figured I would try their calcium citrate. They have several flavors, and I decided to try the cinammon. WOW! These actually are really good! They have a light cinnamon flavor and do not taste vitaminey (new word I made up!) at all. I actually caught myself having an extra one or two yesterday because they were so good. I will definitely be ordering these again. They also have other flavors - I know of chocolate, but not sure what the others are.
There you have it.. as you may find yourself, it’s just a bunch of trial and error. What tastes good to me may be disgusting to you, or vice versa.. but this is my blog! haha

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