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Protein Powder Review - Optipro M Rich Cocoa

I spent $34.99 at Whole Foods on this protein powder. It’s loaded with whey protein, low in calories, and has added nutrition (Flaxseed Meal, L-Glutamine). But, as all WLSers have to deal with… how does it taste? I’m not impressed. It’s a mix of soy and whey protein, so when you blend it, the little foamies form on top of the shake (the whey is what causes this). That is a huge turnoff for me - I can’t stand to drink that. It is drinkable though. It has 40g of protein in one scoop. I add a tablespoon or two of Bell Plantation’s PB2 to give it a chocolate peanut butter taste. It’s definitely not my favorite protein powder though, and I will not buy again.
I’ll go ahead and review PB2 in the next post - It’s a Godsend for this surgery.

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